Interview Preparation Crash Course

Success is where opportunity meets preparation.

Course Details


Online, Live, Interactive


2 weeks


Pooja Katneshwarkar


Rs 3,500/-*

Course Features

Course Features

  • Live interactive sessions
  • Dedicated to intense interview preparation
  • Builds confidence and powerful interview mindset 
  • Builds agenda through self-assessment to stand out effectively.
  • Improves communication and body language to convey the right impact.
  • Formulated FAQ preparations to go armed up for the interviews
  • Group mock interviews for practical experience
  • Personalized feedback for focused improvement

Syllabus for IPCC

Confidence Building - Module 1

Confidence Building

  • Agenda for standing out 
  • Self-assessment for confidence building 
  • Preparing the right mindset
Pre-Interview Preparation - Module 2

Pre interview Preparation

  • The power of a Good JD 
  • How to research?
  • What to know before going for the interviews?
FAQs Mastery - Module 3

FAQ Mastery

  •  Formulated answer preparation for 15+ most frequently asked interview questions.
Interview Communication - Module 4

Interview Communication

  •  How to communicate confidently? 
  •  How to build a rapport?

You MUST join this course if ...

You are well prepared technically but finding it hard to crack the interviews.

You do not come out as your best 
in interviews. 

You don't know how to answer the behavioral or descriptive questions in interviews.

You need help in drafting FAQ answers customized to your situations.

You have self doubt & various inferiority complexes that stop you from performing well in interviews.



IPCC stands for Interview Preparation Crash Course. This course helps you to build confidence and build effective communication skills during the interview.

Anyone who wants to thrive at interviews from any field should pursue this course.

This course prepares the trainees for a powerful, positive and winning performance in the interview.

The duration of this course is 2 weeks.

The mode of this course is completely online. The sessions are conducted live and in an interactive way.

Please contact +91 7558385111 for the details.

This course operates in two different time slots, morning and evening. Please contact +91 7558385111 to find out more details.

This course is broadly divided into following modules:

• Confidence Building
     • Agenda for standing out
     • Self-assessment for confidence building
     • Preparing the right mindset

• Pre interview Preparation 
     • The power of JD
     • How to research?
     • What to know before going for the interviews?

• FAQs Mastery 
     • Formulated answer preparation for 15+ most frequently asked interview questions.
• Interview Communication 
     • How to communicate confidently?
     • How to build rapport?
     • How to convey the right message and effect?

• The sessions are highly interactive
• The course sharply focuses on improving interview               performance.  
• The formulated FAQ answer preparation makes the             implementation easy for trainees.
• The group mock interviews give trainees practical               experience.
• The personalized feedback from the trainer helps in             focused improvement.


Here are some testimonials of our trainees on how our IPCC Program was an elevating and a life changing experience for them

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