English and Interview Preparation Course

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English & Interview Preparation course
English & Interview Preparation Course Features

Course Features

  • Live Interactive trainings daily
  • Course supportive high quality recorded content
  • Learning reinforcing assignments everyday
  • Engaging tests for every module
  • Live in session practical for all Communication models
  • Daily insightful and refreshing activities
  • Handouts of training content
  • Personalized feedback for focused improvement

How It Works

Daily, live, interactive, activities embedded training sessions.

Engaging Tests and practice sessions for reinforcing every modules learnt.

Handouts and video support to retain and revise the learnings of the course

Skills you acquire with EIP

Presentation skills

Presentation Skills

Public Speaking Skills

Public Speaking Skills

Group discussions skills

Group discussions Skills

Business communication skills

Business communication skills

Interview Skills

Interview Skills

Business English & Interview Preparation skills

Email Communication Skills

Email communication skills

Spoken English Skills

Spoken English skills

Improved vocabulary

Improved Vocabulary skills

Increased self esteem

Increased Self esteem

Enhanced self confidence

Enhanced self confidence

With all above listed skills you will be able to improve your communication skills, vocabulary skills, presentation skills which compliment's your business communication skills concurrently boost your confidence and will help you communicate better during interviews. These skills when combined and utilized together can help you crack tough-nut interviews easily.


English Preparation

English Preparation

1.   Parts of Speech

 - Brush up your grammar basics to prepare well for the interview.

2.  Tenses

- Master the backbone of English Grammar to convey the exact message in your mind during the interview.

3.  Voices

- Learn to achieve the right impact by stressing on the right words.

4.  Sentence Structures

- Understand the mechanism of how English sentences are built!

Communication Skills

5.  One to one Communication (Interview Skills)

- Learn to thrive at the most important events of your career.

6.  Many to Many (Group Discussion Skills, Speaking up at  meetings)

- Learn to be the inseparable and impactful part of important meetings & important discussions.

7.  One to many (Public Speaking, Presentation skills)

- Learn to standout effectively with your outstanding public speaking skills.

8.  Written Communication Skill (Effective Email Communication)

- Pour some life in the lifeline of corporate communication and learn to write effective email.

Communication skills
Vocabulary skills


9.  Vocabulary Improvement Techniques

- Learn the most technical ways to exponentially improve your vocabulary and learn to use it during your interview.

10.  Vocabulary Retention techniques

- Learn the most creative, interesting and proven ways to retain newly acquired vocabulary!

11.   Idioms and Phrases

- Learn how to sound like a cool native English speaker and convey maximum impact with minimum number of words.

12.  Powerful interview Vocabulary

- Keeping in view the short-term goal of interview preparation, learn the powerful set of words to achieve a greater impact.


EIP stands for English and Interview preparation.

EIP mainly focuses on making students well prepared for the professional front with confident English and effective Communication skills which will help you to crack any interview with ease.

EIP mainly focuses on making students well prepared for professional front with confident English and effective Communication skills.

This course is 6-week long course. (5 weeks live, 1 week recorded)

The course is completely online.

Please contact +91 7558385111 for the details.

This course operates in two different time slots, morning and afternoon. Please contact +91 7558385111 for the detailed information.

This course covers English and communications preparation content.
2. English Preparation 
    i. Parts of Speech
    ii. Tenses
    iii. Voices
    iv. Sentence Structures
3. Communication Skills 
    v. One to one Communication
         i. Interview Skills
    vi. Many to Many
         ii. Group Discussion Skills
         iii. Speaking up at meetings
    vii. One to many
         iv. Public Speaking
         v. Presentation skills
    viii. Written Communication Skills
         vi. Effective Email Communication
4. Vocabulary 
     ix. Vocabulary Improvement Techniques
     x. Vocabulary Retention techniques
     xi. Idioms and Phrases
     xii. Powerful interview Vocabulary

a.   EIP is conducted by a passionate and experienced                     professionals in the field of communication in a live                   interactive way.
b.   Trainees are given access to the recordings of daily live           session  
c.   Trainees are also provided with course supportive                     recorded content.
d.   Daily assignments are given to reinforce the learning.
e.   Online tests are conducted through interesting and                   engaging tools.
f.    Practical are conducted for all the communication                   models.
g.   2 rounds of mock interviews are conducted for each                  trainee and personalized feedbacks are given for focused       improvement.
h.   All the sessions are activity based and interactive. 

Please watch the testimonials of our EIP students on how this course changed a lot in them and in their lives and how they successfully cracked the interviews.


Here are some testimonials of our EIP trainees on how it had been an elevating and a life changing
experience for them

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