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1 Year

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Who is this program for?



Freshers from all the educational streams

Freshers from all the educational streams.

Working professionals who want an exciting career switch

Working professionals who want an exciting career switch.

Budding entrepreneurs who want to promote their business online

Budding entrepreneurs who want to promote their business online.

Housewives who want to start a career

Housewives who want to start a career.

Knowledge seekers

Knowledge seekers 

What will you learn in
Online Digital Marketing Program?

Learn how to create visually attractive & functional landing page

Landing Page Creation

Landing Page Creation

  • Landing Page Creation, Optimization ( Marketing Sides)  
Learn the best practices of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

On Page

  • SEO Introduction
  • How Search Engine Works Difference: ON-Page Off Page
  •  Google Search Page Analysis & Terminology 
  • Website Structure and Page Content Structure 
  • Start of On Page- Keyword Analysis with help of tools, Adding into SEO Tags 
  • On Page Seo Tags 

Off Page

  • Intro Off Page, Strategy and Implementation Off Page, Competitor Analysis 
  • Search Engine Console intro, Setup and Analysis 
  • SEO Case Studies, Black hat SEO Technics  
Learn the best trends of Digital marketing google ads & ppc funnel

Google Ads & Digital Marketing PPC Funnel 

  • Intro of Google Ads 
  •  Types of Google Ads 
  • Google Ads Account Structure  
  • Gads Account Setup - 1st Search Campaign Setup  
  • Display Campaign Setup  
  • Video Ads Setup  
  • Remarketing Intro, How its work & Strategy understanding   
  • PLA  Ads Understanding 
  • Play Store Ads   
  • Data Analysis of google Ads   
  • Full Google Ads Strategy For a Business  
  • Budgeting Plan
Learn the strategy and tools on how to optimize Social Media

Social Media

Objective / Audience Segment

  • Social Media Intro, Objective and Platform DNA 
  • Identify Right Audience/ Buyer Persona 
  • Difference: Paid And Organic, Organic Content Strategy


  • Content Creation Strategy and Tools 
  • social media calendar - Bulk Posting Tools - Analysis 

Paid Ads

  • Facebook Ads Intro, Objective, Setup, Data Analysis 
  • Twitter Strategy and Ads 
  • Linkedin Strategy and Ads 
  • Youtube Video Strategy 


  • Linkedin Strategy for job seekers 
Learn to create the best Email Campaign with low bounce rate

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

  • Email Intro, Strategy, Email Funnel and Content for email Markting 
  • Email Automation Strategy and Setup With Example
Learn SMS/What's App, App Store Optimization & Affiliate Marketing

SMS/What's App, App Store Optimization & Affiliate Marketing

SMS/What's App

  • SMS And Whats App Marketing  

App Store Optimization

  • App Store Promotion

Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing intro, Strategy, Case Studies
Learn how to work with modern data to create campaigns & provide reports

Google Analytics & Data Studio

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics Setup - Intro 
  • How to identify  and Read KPI  
  • Google Analytics Setup - Intro 

Data Studio

  • Data Studio Setup - Into - use 
Understand the best practices of online relationship management to get better customer retention



  • ORM - Intro, Case Studies
Learn how you can utilize a website to generate income through Adsense



  • Adsense- Intro - How its Works - Implimentation
Learn how to utilize Amazon Ads to get better sales

Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC

  • Amazon PPC - Intro Setup - Basic Campaign Structure 
  • Amazon PPC - Report and Analysis and report Creation
Learn to create comprehensive strategies & plans to execute digital marketing campaigns

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

  •  How to Pitch Digital Marketing Plan, PPT  

What can you achieve by doing our Digital Marketing Course?

You will discover a variety of career options in digital marketing.

Your market value will rise with a digital marketing certification course.

You can get premium salary packages with digital marketing certification

You can get professional flexibility by doing an online digital marketing course.

You can improve Your Creativity and Skills with a digital marketing course.

What will you get from our
Online Digital marketing course?

Course certification

Course Completion Certificate for Online Digital Marketing Program

Access to digital marketing E-book

Access to Online Digital Marketing Program E-book

Life time Access to digital marketing job group

Lifetime access to digital marketing
job groups

Access to additional study material through in shorts

Access to additional study materials of Digital Marketing through in shorts

6 months access to online course

6 Months access to online digital marketing course

Access to Interview Question Bank

Access to Digital Marketing Interview Question Bank

1 Year Doubt Community Access

1 Year Access to Digital Marketing Doubt Community

1 Year Job Assistance

6 months digital marketing job assistance

Mock Interview

Online Digital Marketing mock interview

Exclusive Discount In EIP Course

Exclusive Discount
In EIP Course 

 Do You Want to Be a Digital Marketing professional?

We have it sorted for you!

Here is the ideal online digital marketing course for you to master every Digital Marketing topic. Our digital marketing course provides growth hacking training along with digital marketing modules. We put more emphasis on practice as well as theory. An expert in the field who has worked on several digital marketing initiatives during his career and has 8 years of expertise in the field is the trainer of Online Digital Marketing Career Accelerator Program, which makes this course even more credible and 100% job oriented.

Right from e-mail marketing to Pay Per Click campaigns, you can learn to put all digital marketing strategies into practice in this course. You can start your career and improve your understanding of digital marketing by learning this course. After completing this course, you'll be qualified to work on digital marketing initiatives including email marketing, social media optimization, PPC, Google Analytics and much more. Being a leading Ed-tech firm, we take pride in supporting our students and upgrading their skills at all times. We offer the best training and complete recruitment assistance. You will receive a certification in the digital marketing program after completion of this course and will be 100% job-ready. So, Join the free demo sessions and kick start your digital marketing journey as soon as possible. See our syllabus down below.

The best Digital Marketing Modules to help you grow in your career
Our expert google certified mentor who has trained over 5000+ successful students in his 8 years of teaching career

Google Certified

  •    8+ Yr Industry  Experience
  •    5000+ Student  Trained

Our mentor

Our mentor for the Online Digital Marketing Program has 8 years of extensive experience in the field and knowledge to guide you in tackling various digital marketing challenges. He has worked as a digital marketing analyst and also completed google AdWords certification which makes him a great fit for a digital marketing trainer. He is qualified to train students on several facets of digital marketing thanks to his proficiency in technologies like SEO, online advertisements, email marketing, Google Analytics, AdWords, and Webmaster Tools.

Let's Know Your Mentor

Faiz Wate

Co-Founder at Glaza Systems

Viraj Sir is one of the best Digital Marketing Teachers I have met. I had completed my advanced Digital Marketing Course under Viraj Sir, and if I compare it to the previous basic digital marketing course the things I learned under Viraj sir were immense as it helped me understand the marketing fundamentals and strategies better to help me grow my business.


Digital Marketing Specialist at Raybal Group,Kuwait.

My learning experience with Viraj Sir has been very positive. He is one of the best digital marketing tutor.The best part about learning with Viraj Sir is that he share practical knowledge with you insted of the bookish theory. Highly recommended for beginner to advanced digital marketing course.

Sayali Bane

Digital marketer Cybage Software

Today I am working in digital marketing industry for last 6 years and for these successful journey only one person who always motivated me and gave me this learnings with great theoretical and practical knowledge is the viraj sir! Digital marketing is the industry where you will not grow with only theoretical knowledge, viraj sir having his own strategical experience which will 101% helps you while working.

Sayantan Palit

Digital Marketing Manager at nCircle Tech

Viraj Sir is really an excellent teacher. I was from an email marketing industry and was having trouble in escalating my career due to the shortcomings in my knowledge. When I started learning under Viraj sir I started understanding the vast scope of Digital Marketing. His teaching method was also very nice as I was able to grasp most of his taught modules within the class. His hybrid way of teaching modules with theory and representation was the best as it made relating to the notes/curriculum very easy. If you wish to learn Digital Marketing I recommend learning from Viraj Sir.

Vipul Sonya

Entrepreneur Mexa Enterprises

Viraj sir has been phenomenal always, helping and educational students,beginners, professionals digitally with marketing and learning on Digital platforms. His expertise is Google AdWords and Facebook Marketing. I myself had been trained under his guidance.According to my experience and knowledge I definitely recommend him.

Benefits of this course

The goal of this course is to provide students with practical knowledge that meets industry needs and to prepare them for the many obstacles they will encounter in the workplace. Therefore, our students will be ready for any further obstacles relating to the field of digital marketing and their other domains. Similar industry expertise and experience will aid them in becoming business owners or independent freelancers. Our curriculum is designed to expand students’ knowledge and help them implement it practically. Utilizing your knowledge is what counts most in digital marketing. This is what we train you for!

Our digital marketing course includes industry case studies and assignment-based learning modules, Real-world case studies and examples will be used in this course to assist students in better understanding the ideas, and the assignments will allow instructors to see in which topics the students still need to work on and how many of them they have mastered. An expert trainer reviews each assignment and provides feedback on what the students need to work on. Case studies will provide students with realistic examples of specialised Digital Marketing practices and help them develop their analytical abilities.

Your abilities and knowledge are displayed in your portfolio which can help you in getting a good job. When you first start working in the digital marketing field, it will produce a good first impression. Therefore, what you did and how your portfolio appears are quite important. As a result, our knowledgeable trainer will show you how to build a portfolio and make improvements. You can especially consult the trainer regarding this as he is aware of all the industry standards. In this way, you can develop a portfolio and show your hands-on abilities and skills. This can increase the possibility of you finding a job.

  • IIntensive 2 Months online digital marketing course for aspiring marketing professionals who want a successful career in the rapidly growing digital marketing field.
  • We provide training from scratch in Hinglish (i.e., Hindi+English). Hence, neither an IT nor marketing educational background is necessary and students with average communication skills can also do the digital marketing course.
  • We provide the first week of digital marketing course completely free of cost so that you can get an idea of what you are signing up for.

Digital Marketing Online Program : FAQ's

We offer recruitment assistance, access to a digital marketing job group, 1-year access to recorded training sessions and a completion certificate after completing the digital marketing course.

We provide 1 week of free demo sessions of Digital Marketing to give you a basic idea of what you are going to learn in this course, you get a digital marketing E-book along with access to interview question bank to help you prepare better for job interviews, you also get access to recorded sessions for 1 year and additional study materials like digital marketing in shorts. Join our CAP for online digital marketing course and get all these benefits by registering for our course.

We teach a total of 19 modules in our digital marketing course. Please don’t worry! We cover all the topics in our course and guide you about all the trends in the digital field as well. The goal of our course is to upgrade our students’ skills and make them job-ready.

We do not provide training on live digital marketing projects but you will learn different digital marketing strategies in this course which you can implement in real-life situations.

We offer 1 certificate for digital marketing course but you are eligible for different professional certificates (for example Google AdWords certification etc). As you develop your digital marketing skills you can go for these global certification programs to add to your CV and make it appear more professional.

No, we do not provide paid or unpaid internship programmes but our digital marketing course is designed to make our students 100% job-ready. We train our students in such a way that they can build their work portfolio and get noticed by recruiters.

The duration of this course is 7 weeks(48 days to be exact). The course syllabus is well scheduled, hence all the modules will be taught in time without any delays.

We provide effective training on all digital marketing topics and take care that our students must get practical and theoretical knowledge. When it comes to jobs, it completely depends on the student. You must be willing to dedicate the time and efforts required to master the skills which make you a perfect fit for the position of digital marketing executive.

Students from any educational background can do this course. Students, freshers from all educational streams, working professionals who want a career switch, housewives who want to start their career, budding entrepreneurs and knowledge seekers can register for our online digital marketing course.

Search engine marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, Adserver, email and affiliate marketing are some of the digital marketing topics that you can learn in this course. You will get updated knowledge about digital marketing trends and learn to build your own strategies using different digital marketing tools and platforms.

Yes, you can implement digital marketing strategies simultaneously while doing this course. But it is recommended to learn and understand the digital marketing concepts first and then implement them for promoting your business online.

No, we do not teach Blackhat in this course.

You will receive a digital marketing E-book after registering for our digital marketing course as well as access to the job interview question bank.

Our digital marketing course is fully online with some live and recorded sessions. This helps you access it from anywhere and saves time too. If you have any doubts then you can ask them in live sessions and in the doubt community.

All our course sessions are recorded even if you miss one of the sessions you can still attend the recorded session and you won’t miss any of the previously taught topics.

We cover topics like SEO, pay-per-click campaigns, social media marketing, Google AdWords and so on. All these concepts are very essential in promoting businesses online. This course can be a blessing for new entrepreneurs as they get to know these concepts so that they understand what needs to be done for promoting their business through various digital marketing campaigns.

Yes, a non-technical student can do this course and coding knowledge is not necessary for this course.

There is a lot of scope for digital marketing right now and also in the future. Many people are using digital marketing techniques to reach out to their target audiences and the need for digital marketing professionals will increase with the increase in the use of digital marketing techniques for different purposes.

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