Performance and Productivity in Remote Working and its Impact on Employees

Uncertainty and major changes during the global pandemic have an impact on the productivity and performance efficiency of employees worldwide. Employees combating against COVID-19 through remote working, are in gain or loss?

Sudden and unpredictable pandemic has impacted all employees as the result of remote working. Working from home is a better and good way to analyze the overall productivity and performance meter for those working in the last 3-4 months. COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of our daily lives including human productivity and performance. COVID-19 forced a shift in the level of activities, routine, and our day to day schedules. People are forced to work at home with tools for their balanced productivity. Almost all big and small companies have plans for their employees to work remotely with all facilities and accessories essentials for working. Some US-based companies have announced a plan for their employees to work from home for a year. Some other entities might...

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