7 Reasons you are not hired!

jobs Aug 01, 2020

Stop struggling with failed interviews and know the right reason for not getting hired by your dream company. 

During the times of economic hardships, the job hunt process is lengthy and tough for job seekers. Job seekers land on every possible contact of hiring team members or company HR, along with dozens of resumes and interview calls without good results. Even if the market seems tough for hiring opportunities reasons to fall for other reasons for not getting hired by companies.

Candidates run for several interviews to get hired. Some candidates stand out for some really good reasons and hired in no amount of time. While most of the candidates have to walk on a long path to get hired. While working with hiring staff and hiring managers for many years I figured out on what grounds the recruiting team couldn’t able to hire the right candidates after screening with impressive resumes.

Here I would like to show lights on most common reasons, and some that might not occur...

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How can you Negotiate Perks in Job Offer?

job offer jobs Jun 14, 2020

If you want to know how to handle job offer in right way to get the job you want and how you can negotiate with compensation you deserve this blog will help you find your way..


Receiving a job offer is might make you think how to proceed further? You will take enough time to be certain about the position offered to you is right or not. You will decide whether the salary package you have been offered is reasonable or not. Job seekers spend lots of time evaluating salary when it comes to negotiation between receipt and acceptance of an offer.

If you know you want the job you take enough time in evaluating your worth with job offer. It’s the other case if you decline job offer if you are not satisfied with employment terms but still you do take time in careful evaluation to know whether you should consider it or not. While negotiating the salary and when asked what your expectation salary is, if you give too low number, you may not go further in negotiation with employer....

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