Ten Useful Tips for LinkedIn Job Search

If you are looking for a good platform for a better job search using LinkedIn and not familiar yet. Learn and practice these useful tips for your future endeavor


A couple of years ago I created my profile on LinkedIn and often I never used it the way I should have. One of my close friends told me how I have to update profiles and why LinkedIn is an important platform to get hired by companies. The LinkedIn platform has been a very popular source for searching candidates for many recruiters to find the right candidate they need for the job role.

Nowadays an essential tool to showcase the best profile with accurate personal and professional information to be noticed by recruiters and employers. The reason many employees and employers use LinkedIn as a reliable source to connect on the professional front because that could become competent for job opportunities against hundreds and thousands of other people in the world. To have the stand out the profile on LinkedIn people...

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What are you waiting for?

job search skills Jun 16, 2020

“ Sir, I want to become successful.I want to achieve a lot in my life and become rich.”

I ask them “ What are you doing for that now ?”

“ Well sir, hmmm, I will definitely start to do something very soon “

“ Sir, I wanted to join a top MNC.”
“Good.What are you preparing then”
“Preparing like what…?”
“ You wanted to join a top MNC na, then what are you learning, what skill…”
“ Skill…I am studying well in my engineering na.I have 75% aggregate.I am waiting , my college will be calling companies and I will start appearing”
“ But many of the other students have good scores.How are you different”
“Sir, hmmmm, let me appear in some companies, then I will see if I get selected or not.If I will not be selected then I will go to Pune/Bangalore/Delhi/Hyderabad and search for jobs.
“ Thousands of people will be there, even from last year and also last to last...

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Best Paid IT Jobs after Lockdown

The COVID19 lockdown changed the way people work. We are now more eager to know what will happen post lockdown. Will there be any opportunities in IT sectors for job seekers and freshers after lockdown? Economies are facing tough times during COVID19 but expected upward shifts in employment will change slowly. IT Job advertisements are being posted every day on social media and official job pages. Good news for fresh graduates & job seekers is that in most cases entry level openings for jobs have increased. Also, junior and mid-level job openings reflect that there will be good opportunities in the IT industry post lockdown.

HR departments of IT sectors are active in searching for a talent pool of technology. Once lockdown is over, employers will seek all the applications to ensure smooth functioning of hiring. People who are looking for jobs having ample opportunities in IT. They need to know which job openings will lift the IT market. Job opportunities are many in IT sectors,...

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What you should know before you start Job Search after Lockdown ?

employment job search Jun 05, 2020

Take a step ahead to start your career

COVID19 has shown us huge change in our current economic condition. Industries & companies has changed its operations from past two months. Employers & employees have shifted to new pattern of work – Remote Work. Employers has now different parameters to hire employees. Likewise, job seekers are now worried about their employability. Existing employees has no clue about what would be the best options for them in crunch market if questions arise on employability.

Job seekers, freshers and employees have begun to search for future prospects in employment. With the change in the environment, some points should take care of while searching job. Why we need to concerned on Job search after lockdown?

Companies are busy in conducting and managing their business virtually using digital platforms. Companies may not hire in present but they will hire in future. Current job openings may put on hold or disappeared although they have been...

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