6 basic Tips to Reduce Job-Hunt Stress

job hunt Jul 14, 2020

If you are looking for job or want to switch job during pandemic crisis, being stressed out and overthinking is acceptable and common. Hopefully, these six simple tips turn out gamechanger to overcome stress which is not meant for you.


Many young employees and experienced professionals have faced stress of job hunting once in their lifetime. But this time story turned out at global level when whole world is immersed with COVID-19 and lockdown it’s becoming more tough to handle invisible suffering. In recession of 2009, the unemployment rate has reached 19% that affected age group of 16 to 24, now those people would be between age of 26-34. This recession has bad impact on job market, income of individuals, small and medium enterprises and industries. Number of layoffs has increased and payroll decreased.



We all know, how we are all managing our financials wisely at the peak of global crises. Its common and natural that stress level of people have increased...

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