Quick Ways to Get an Interview Call after COVID-19 Lockdown is Over

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Competition in the job market is now abundant. Getting a suitable and reliable job is becoming difficult to obtain. Job seekers are trying their best to approach employers for the position for which large numbers of applicants have already applied. With a go-getter attitude people should focus on smart strategies to have their dream job with satisfaction.

As per survey of India’s unemployment rate which is now a record of 27.1 percent, job opportunities are limited for the time begin. However, Good News is, after lockdown job openings will increase gradually. During this time for one job vacancy there are massive applications from which it will be a tough job to decide on to issue job offer for the hiring manager. 

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Here are some ways to get an interview call after lockdown.

  • Resume update: Your resume is an essential document to apply for an interview. Make sure you have updated your resume to make it more appealing to the employers. Updated resume has more chance to get you invited to a job interview. Pen down all the required information that you need to inform based on your job role. Make sure your recent learned skills and experience are mentioned in your resume. Make your resume attractive to catch the attention of hiring managers. You can update your resume by yourself or you can try online resume templates. For more resume templates & suggestions you can find below link and visit our website.

  • Activate Social Media Account: The most useful website to rely on is LinkedIn and there are many other employment websites & job portals for instance, Naukri, Indeed, Shine.com and many more to know the latest information for job requirements. There are other platforms as well like Facebook & LinkedIn groups loaded with recent employment information. Make use of your social media account by connecting with informative groups. Become a member of a social network group and keep updating yourself with companies’ websites frequently to hunt for good openings. This would be the effective way to represent your work with employers & recruiting teams. Share your resume and work-details with them to hold attention from employers.

  • Professional Link: Improve your network connections which is most significant at this phase of lockdown. Engage with professional’s by connecting yourself with online communities, groups, online events, webinar and online seminars. LinkedIn is a good example where you can connect with many people with direct connection with companies, owners, hiring teams, recruitment agencies etc. You will also get to know about updated upcoming online webinar & social media events as well. Connections with hiring teams, co-workers or owners is a great way to share your skillset with them. Don’t hesitate to ask for job opportunities with them while making connections.


  • Apply jobs frequently: Keep applying to job vacancies often to avoid missed opportunities. Recruiters are attentive when you apply for a job. It may happen they might call you after sometime or some days after you have applied for a job. Keep an eye on job portals & social media job posts pages every other day. Apply only after reading carefully the job title, job description, location, package and employment terms & conditions. Avoid applying to those jobs abruptly by focusing on job titles. Patience is the key to follow. Boost your confidence and make yourself aware of all job search and processes. Remember, with time, keep updating your resume and other required details while applying for jobs.

  • Work on yourself: Invest your time improving yourself for the future employment opportunities. Your next job may require you to work remotely. Prepare yourself for work from home pattern because this is the future. Think what questions can be asked from employers in an interview and figure out their answers. You may have not faced situations to work from home earlier. If you get the job you may require to work from home. You can ensure to do the best possible ways to prepare yourself accountable and productive to begin your journey from the first day of your job.

Well, these are some tips you can follow with the process of job search during quarantine to get early interview calls after the lockdown phase. 

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