Fake Profiles : A Nightmare for Recruiters and Interviewers

"Hi, I am Kabir. I am 6 years experienced in Salesforce, mostly in development."

"Hi, I am Shrinivas, I have more than 2 year experience in Salesforce development."

"Hi, this is Usmaan, I am certified Salesforce developer and administrator. I have more than 3 years of experience and worked on 4 projects."

When I evaluated all three of them I got to know all of them were fake profiles. A new challenge infront of recruiters and interviewers in India is out of 10 atleast 6 profiles are fake.The challenge is how to to filter out the fake profiles. I work as a recruiter and interviewer for many multinationals and help them to filter out the fake profiles so that their quality time is saved and they get only the authentic ones to interview.This saves 60% of the quality time and also the first round of screening is done before they reach out to the real interviewers. I have a detailed strategy to figure out the fake ones, being a certified NLP practitioner helps in this process a lot, but want to share some key points which will help you out :

  1. Do proper research about the candidate before directly calling him/her. Check out his Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles. Most of the fake guys have relatively new profiles and lacks proper details.
  2. Don't allow them to answer anything in a flow, interrupt them in between and ask another question of a different genre.
  3. Mix your functional, technical and behavioral questions.
  4. Start with a very easy going interview and make it a stress interview after 15-20 minutes.
  5. Check if they have done some trainings in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Some key training centers and consultancies are known for faking interviews. Filter them directly, dont waste your time. Good people dont choose a bad teacher, remember it always.
  6. Most of the fake candidates have a technology switch after their first year. Note this point and grill them further to know more from their end.
  7. Make sure the person is not lip syncing, yes you need to do video calling/ skype calling.
  8. Note down all your questions you have asked in the screening round and ask the same in the face to face round.

These are just the few key points which I follow to filter the fake ones. Apart of that one needs to keep maintaining all the fake resumes, consultancy details, patterns of fake projects mentioned, also check the behavioral skills and attitude using multiple language patterns of NLP to check the authenticity.

Hope this article will help you to filter out the fake candidates.

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