What you should know before you start Job Search after Lockdown ?

employment job search Jun 05, 2020

Take a step ahead to start your career

COVID19 has shown us huge change in our current economic condition. Industries & companies has changed its operations from past two months. Employers & employees have shifted to new pattern of work – Remote Work. Employers has now different parameters to hire employees. Likewise, job seekers are now worried about their employability. Existing employees has no clue about what would be the best options for them in crunch market if questions arise on employability.

Job seekers, freshers and employees have begun to search for future prospects in employment. With the change in the environment, some points should take care of while searching job. Why we need to concerned on Job search after lockdown?

Companies are busy in conducting and managing their business virtually using digital platforms. Companies may not hire in present but they will hire in future. Current job openings may put on hold or disappeared although they have been...

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Quick Ways to Get an Interview Call after COVID-19 Lockdown is Over

Freshers who are very serious should join this free Webinar

Competition in the job market is now abundant. Getting a suitable and reliable job is becoming difficult to obtain. Job seekers are trying their best to approach employers for the position for which large numbers of applicants have already applied. With a go-getter attitude people should focus on smart strategies to have their dream job with satisfaction.

As per survey of India’s unemployment rate which is now a record of 27.1 percent, job opportunities are limited for the time begin. However, Good News is, after lockdown job openings will increase gradually. During this time for one job vacancy there are massive applications from which it will be a tough job to decide on to issue job offer for the hiring manager. 

Break this competition by stepping on the right path before it's too late. Finding a job for a fresher or to switch jobs can be worrie-less. With less time-consuming tricks, you can get interview...

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Every new graduate should practice 6 things that will make you Smart.

Make a smart move and become out-stand among your competitors to get best opportunities in the market & interesting aspirants for hiring companies.

Students who are recently graduates are finding jobs on all possible platforms. Some are preparing for their campus recruitments while some others are looking for suitable jobs on job portals, employment agencies etc. But what makes an applicant get selected is the result of their performance. Generally, applicants do their preparations for interviews 2-3 weeks before. When it comes to fresh graduates with no experience you need to work smart before the announcement bell rings. Smart work comes with practice. Engaging oneself into these practices during crucial hours of lockdown will change your attitude towards goal attainment.

One of the major complications fresh graduates face is their insufficient understanding of basic concepts, Lack of in-depth understanding of technical information, lack of client-handling skills and...

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Skill Re-construction for Recession

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2020

We are living in a Global crisis which is estimated to be a massive layoff in recent times.

According to the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy (CIME) report, unemployment has reached its peak to 27.1 percent. During this crisis, many employees & professionals will lose their job, Wages will decline, job opportunities likely to decrease, also Job opportunities for travel, hospitality are declining and likely to grow slow.

During this uncertainty of economic crises, with no certainty of how long measures will remain effective its high time to prepare and plan for upcoming employment openings. Employment will take to skyward direction if we re-construct our skills during lockdown days to get access to those companies who are also looking for useful talent to overcome pandemic effects.

 What you need to analysis:

  1. Re-evaluate skills: Take a look at your job description or you can refer job posts online to understand job description of your current job position. Reflect...
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Best Optimization of Quarantine Life!

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2020

Best Optimization of Quarantine Life!

Are you going insane about what to do with Quarantine? Staying at home during COVID-19 pandemic for a month is not as easy especially for those who are extroverts, who relish performing activities outside home with their office-colleague, neighbors & group of friends.

Unlike extroverts, introverts catch this phase not less than a wonderland, spending extra time at home, happily sequestering themselves for self-time and offering their valuable time with family members.

I think a lot of us can say this is the first time we have lived through something like this. Sometimes it gets stressful, However, keeping oneself busy in-order to manage stress & to optimize maximum from quarantine life surely turns out to be a blessing.

To learn a new skill, it doesn’t take much time to grasp even the basics. You will have enough time to practice those skills. Choose a skill which will serve a purpose for the long run. Make an addition to your...

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When your office is in your home, there’s always a question of productivity challenge which revolves around infinite numbers of distractions while remote working. It's hard to stay on the task not in an office setting and to stick to a self-discipline routine seems unreachable.

I had always been working in an office-based environment and working 100% remote was a big adjustment to deal with. The new workplace now requires how we quickly adjust into “New Normal” workspace, connect with our colleagues and stay engaged & productive.

Here, I wanted to share with you some of the best practices that I had pen down for myself while going through the challenging time to stay productive which helped me construct my quarantine working days in balance. I hope these strategies will help you to successfully work from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Block your Time: Learn to block your time in advance to identify the routine that you save to get the work done. In...
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Why Coding is the new literacy

coding programming Jun 04, 2020

You will get to know why coding is a good investment to learn and what career advantages it can bring to you.

In digital age coding is the new proficiency to understand the technology around us and to prepare ourselves for the future prospects of technology changes. Coding is an experience to become creative and to design a product whole by oneself. All technology industry rely on computer code. Almost every day employer post tech jobs on job portals. Programming and coding have become a primary skill for candidate and so the chances of higher salary in industry.


Coding is in-demand in every tech industry as companies need graphic designer, computer engineer and software developer etc which is the reason coding has become new investment for everyone to learn and become proficient including for children too, it will be a good investment for parents to engage their children in coding from young age. Some people get excited to work in challenging environment. They love...

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