How does the post COVID-19 workplace look like?

Uncategorized Jun 18, 2020

Our leaders have changed the nature of work and workplace for their employee’s post COVID-19. Take a look on What wonder you will notice at your workplace post lockdown.

Post lockdown every organization is changing priorities in response to the global crisis. COVID-19 has not only changed our lives abruptly but also functions and patterns of our work life at the workplace. Coronavirus impacted our lives with significant experience in society and the workplace. We all seek normal life and look forward to the end of the lockdown completely. Still it will take some time to recover from COVID-19 traumatic effects. For now, we have accepted this as a new normal in our lives. Similarly, we are now accepting the workplace changes as ‘new normal’.

COVID-19 has transformed the thoughts about work. Some workforce are still working remotely while some companies have started their operations with high priority on employee’s health and safety. Well-being the key and most...

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What 8 Mistakes Beginner Programmer Makes

beginner programmer Jun 18, 2020

Every individual was once a beginner. For all the young coders and programmers, You will learn in this blog what common mistakes a programmer makes as a beginner.

 We have made many mistakes in the past but that’s how we have learned from it. Beginners have a tough time at the beginning of any project as they are prone to make mistakes. Through mistakes only we learn better things. Learning to program and coding means you tend to make lots of mistakes. As a beginner you can easily relate to these mistakes covered in this blog.


Take this as a help guide and just learn from it. It only helps you to improvise and find solutions from common mistakes that a programmer does. Many beginners in coding are afraid to make mistakes. If you are a coder or programmer, you have to learn that mistakes can only help you to do it in other ways. Mistakes are done to find solutions and chances to improve the moves. If I had any chance in the past to know and learn from these mistakes...

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My first Startup venture

startup Jun 16, 2020

"2000 rupees ! you are in final year now, you should learn the value of money"

It's never easy to pitch your startup idea, especially when the angel investor is your dad.

3 days before this discussion I was negotiating with the bookbinding guy for the 3 copies of my Project. 

"it will be 500 rupees per copy."

"What ?"

" 2 rupees for black and white and 10 rupees for color page, and 50 rupees for binding" 

"What if I only need binding?"

"Then it will be 100 rupees"

"What if I will give you 100 copies to bind?"

The binding guy was smiling but I was serious.

"What's your final offer?"

"If you bring 200 project reports for binding, I will do it for 50 rupees"

"Deal." I shook hands and walked out.

I had no clue what I just did but I just got a burning problem of all final year students which I can solve in the next 15 days before the final submission of the project.

"So you are saying we don't have to go to the binding shop, no follow-ups, don't have to pay for designing our...

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“Salesforce is selling like hot cakes ” as many of our recruiting partners tell us on a regular basis, followed by another question, for how long it will be selling like hot cake? What will happen when everyone will have a cake then will there be a requirement like today? What they want to ask is, for how long this super skill sales force will be called as a hot skill.

My answer to this one is ...

‘Don’t worry, very soon cakes will be selling along with icings and toppings as well. Very soon, in fact, the trend has already started to club salesforce knowledge with another skill which is very popular and used with salesforce by most of the clients for example : 

Salesforce with Tableau

Salesforce with Siebel

Salesforce with JQuery

Salesforce with R

Salesforce with Python

Salesforce with angularJS

Salesforce with macaroni and cheese...(kidding...)


So it’s high time for my dear developer friends to learn the additional skill, as the market is...

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We are living in a brand YOU world.

branding Jun 16, 2020

Brand is an entity which is registered in the mind of a customer. Its a unique language of customer where Cold drink becomes coca cola, an elite cell phone is called iPhone and all photo copiers are called Xerox machines.

Are you a BRAND yourself ? Think about it.

Well, let me give you a quick exercise to know about your personal branding.

What is the skill you known for in your office, I am not asking for your qualification or designation, I am asking the skill for which people come to you for advice, to get something done. It can be persuasion, people management, programming skills, problem solving etc.

How are you defined by your best friends ? Talkative, composed, sober, showoff, loyal etc.

Today at this moment, if you loose your job, your savings, your house..., what is that one skill you have which you can bet on, will surely make you successful again?

Bingo! now you know what I mean.

Most importantly, is your skill measurable, or sellable ? If its not , it cannot be a...

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Are you the most hated Manager in your Organization ? Its high time now.

management manager Jun 16, 2020

You are surely going to hate me for this, to make you self realise, this one truth which you are denying since ages.

"Huhh, let them hate me. Who cares! At least they fear me and I will get the work done."

Its not the case anymore. You have a competitor who is ready to hire your quality resources.And he will for sure if he will get a small hint from somewhere that they don't like their boss.

Employees quit their managers not their companies.

Work on below five points if need to retain your resources, and increase their productivity (without being hated):

  1. Stop Micro management : You don't have to ask the status of a project every hour if its not that important. ( Believe me, I have met such managers who had done this to me)
  2. Plan A and Plan B : Hope for the best but plan for the worst. You should always have your plan B ready along with Plan A. Don't be in a disaster management mode always.
  3. Rewards and recognitions : Sometimes rewards are more important than awards( note). Make...
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Learn a PREMIUM SKILL before its too late.

"I have 11 years of experience and lost my job. I dont know what went wrong, the projects were doing fine, I was doing my job well"

"Sir, I've heard that lots of people will be loosing their jobs due to automation and the trump effect ?"

People come to me with such questions during their training or career counselling sessions. I want to share some quick insights about the job scenario in next few years, its my thought, unbiased, based on my experience with all the corporates I have worked so far.

  1. People are not fired because of aptitude but attitude : Most of the employees with 10 plus years of experience who are working in big corporate houses want to grow but don't want to acquire a skill set. They only skill set they want to pursue is micromanagement which leads to disasters in later stages. Specially in process oriented companies where there are more than hundred thousand employees, high end managers want to hide themselves behind processes, graphs and figures which can be...
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Every Recruiter's Dream : 100% Utilizable resource from day 1

recruiter Jun 16, 2020

"I hired 30 fresh graduates, 3 months down the line we've been training them on technologies and soft skills. I am still not sure if they are all set to work on a project. Looks like we need to keep them on shadow for some more time"

"We don't pay freshers for first 3 months, because we are also not sure whether they are employable in a project or not. Client want a super coder who can work like a pro, but even by our project based trainings it takes them about an year to evolve as a professional"

"We don't hire freshers at all now. Its a big headache to deal with them. First train them for 3-4 months, then put them in projects, it takes almost a year to make them billable.We now hire one year experienced resources, atleast they are utilizable from day one, most of them"

All my friends in startups, recruitment firms, and project managers have the same thought about freshers. Its not their fault, the education system specially engineeers who join the IT firms have no idea what they...

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Fake Profiles : A Nightmare for Recruiters and Interviewers

"Hi, I am Kabir. I am 6 years experienced in Salesforce, mostly in development."

"Hi, I am Shrinivas, I have more than 2 year experience in Salesforce development."

"Hi, this is Usmaan, I am certified Salesforce developer and administrator. I have more than 3 years of experience and worked on 4 projects."

When I evaluated all three of them I got to know all of them were fake profiles. A new challenge infront of recruiters and interviewers in India is out of 10 atleast 6 profiles are fake.The challenge is how to to filter out the fake profiles. I work as a recruiter and interviewer for many multinationals and help them to filter out the fake profiles so that their quality time is saved and they get only the authentic ones to interview.This saves 60% of the quality time and also the first round of screening is done before they reach out to the real interviewers. I have a detailed strategy to figure out the fake ones, being a certified NLP practitioner helps in this process a lot, but...

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What are you waiting for?

job search skills Jun 16, 2020

“ Sir, I want to become successful.I want to achieve a lot in my life and become rich.”

I ask them “ What are you doing for that now ?”

“ Well sir, hmmm, I will definitely start to do something very soon “

“ Sir, I wanted to join a top MNC.”
“Good.What are you preparing then”
“Preparing like what…?”
“ You wanted to join a top MNC na, then what are you learning, what skill…”
“ Skill…I am studying well in my engineering na.I have 75% aggregate.I am waiting , my college will be calling companies and I will start appearing”
“ But many of the other students have good scores.How are you different”
“Sir, hmmmm, let me appear in some companies, then I will see if I get selected or not.If I will not be selected then I will go to Pune/Bangalore/Delhi/Hyderabad and search for jobs.
“ Thousands of people will be there, even from last year and also last to last...

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