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At Premium Learnings, We provide best training to get you job-ready for an exciting career in the IT industry. Doesn’t matter what your educational background is, you can get your dream job with the help of the right training and guidance. Your willingness to work hard and determination for your career goal is the gateway to a brighter future.

Our course curriculum would be very beneficial for your career growth and can also lead to a successful career in the IT industry. You can get good salary hikes or better job opportunities that add to your knowledge and work experience which proves your talent in IT-related fields.

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C.A.P. (Career Accelerator Program) by Premium Learnings 
Career Accelerator Program(C.A.P.) is an intensive 12 week online training program conducted by Premium Learnings to enable the professionals for the Premium-IT industry even if they are coming from a non-IT background. All the subjects are taught from scratch, and the language used in easy HinGlish (Hindi + English) so that even the students having average communication skills can understand it better. The first week of C.A.P. program is offered FREE to all the people attending the C.A.P. introduction session

C.A.P. is a specially designed course for freshers who wan  t to get highly paid jobs, experienced professionals who are looking for career growth and salary hikes, and job seekers who have career or educational gaps. Professionals who want to upskill for better domestic and on-site opportunities.

About our Chief Mentor

One of India’s leading trainers and growth consultants, our chief mentor—Sudhanshu Jain has 14 years of corporate and training experience which also includes multi-dimensional roles and responsibilities in CMM level 5 organizations serving multiple Fortune 500 clients. He has extensive experience in delivering complex assignments and mentoring teams to deliver sales and service targets. He also has experience in providing marketing cloud implementations to product and communication giants all over the world. Well known for his power-packed live visual training workshops, where he actively uses doodles, stories, and case studies to explain complex concepts like coding frameworks and CRM design best practices to make them more feasible and fun.

To know more about our chief mentor and his work, do follow him on LinkedIn.

Benefits After Training

Career Accelerator Program(C.A.P.) is designed by keeping 3 major points in mind—Eligibility, Employability, and Clarity. When we say eligibility, we mean making our students eligible and perfect candidates for the companies that offer Salesforce jobs. We provide interview calls from all over the world, once you get certified. We also provide 1-year dedicated recruitment support after clearing the final test for the course.

When we say employability, we mean that all our students must be professionally employable and we put all our efforts to do so. So, we provide independent application guidance for those who are eligible to work as entry-level professionals in any company. We want to properly train our students in programming or coding and help them get rid of the fear of coding as many of them come from non-IT backgrounds.

We have a case study and interview preparation-based training followed by 3 projects which you can mention in your CV. you will also get lifetime access to the Premium Learnings job portal.

We also provide regular access to group counselling sessions or revision sessions by mentors and experts from the industry even after the completion of the training program.

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Career Section

Our students and alumni are living examples of what we can achieve with strong determination and dedication to their work. Our students have achieved their career goals by working hard on their skills and taking the right steps to learn faster and better.

We are proud to introduce you to such success stories that motivate us to work rigorously to train more students to join the IT workforce and bring about a positive change for further development of the technology field.

We train professionals to identify their goals and understand their skills and abilities. It can help them not only land that premium IT job but also grow exponentially in their career. We also focus on providing soft skills which are a must in the highly professional IT field. This guides our students to be aware of their strengths and be fully responsible for career choices.

We aim to prepare confident IT professionals who are capable of accepting different challenges to build a successful career in the IT field and we are proud of all of our students who have accomplished this and have set an example for many others.

Success Stories

Get motivated by reading the success stories of our students.


Check out our testimonials to see what people have to say about us.

Sudhanshu is an extremely great mentor and a trainer. I got trained directly by sudhanshu which helped me shape my career. He is an individual of great heights, knowledge and network. I would recommend Sudhanshu as the best trainer in market for Salesforce.

Kunal Parmani  
Salesforce Technical Consultant at Blueflame Lab